1.Highest Quality

The wood used in making of detox is feroteak and imported knot free pinewood which is highly recommended for far infrared detox cabins and are used worldwide. Special material coating is exclusively done by us in inside walls to give nearly uniform temperature inside the cabin, as the coating contains a combination of such material which emits far infrared rays when heated and helps to maintain the temperature due to its absorption quality. We at Detox Care are committed to make world class equipment with high performance.

2. Durable and High Performance design

Purchasing a sauna, like making any major investment, is an important decision. With 100% quality-controlled manufacturing, you will not find another sauna as beautiful or as strong. The raw material and electronics thus used are of highest quality and comes with warranty to give you peace of mind. Detox Care is designed and manufactured to last long and to give optimum performance with low on maintenance.

3. Low EFM

Not only are Detox Care heaters the most effective on the market, they are also the safest. Using our Detox Care infrared heater technology, our heaters are the only ceramic based infrared heaters with virtually no EMF. Our exclusive manufacturing process allows us to cancel out EMF to levels that are virtually undetectable. maintenance.

4. Right Temperature

To liquefy Body fat cells and Burn lot of calories, the effective temperature is minimum 43*C to 60*C and body also start sweating out at this temperature. The cabin has this Ideal property to maintain this temperature with its intelligent control panel with cut off system.

5. Perfect wavelength

Our detox is far infrared spectrum detox which emits wavelength between 5.6 to 15 microns, which is perfect to give you satisfactory results.

6. Reliable Far infrared emitters

We are using concave ceramic emitters. It is most reliable emitter for far infrared and even better then ceramic rods and carbon heaters. They have low maintenance, High durability and this is only type of emitter which emits 96% of its energy in radiant form. Emitters are placed in such a way that it gives maximum benefits and with high comfort level.

7. Low power consumption

The equipment is designed to consume low power yet optimum performance, therefore power consumption is very less. (Approximately one to two unit in one hour) 10x100 watt x one hour = one unit. (Base Model) Energy consumption varies with model please see product brochure for details.

8. Attractive Features

  • Music System with USB and FM
  • Magazine holder
  • Reading Light
  • Colour Light
  • Control Panel with LED display

9. Sales after Service

We are proud to boast that Detox Care Detox cabin is low on maintenance and high in performance, and we are confident it will serve you and become part of your lifestyle. We believe in great service and our maintenance staff is trained to give great service and keep it fit for lasting use. Detox Care comes with 2 years warranty. We provide “How to use” and basic maintenance training to all our buyers both individual and industry buyers. And there is service support system you can rely on.

10. Certificates

All our machines are CE Certified and we are an ISO Certified Unit.