“It was like a rebirth for me”
–Pratham Desai, Architect, Baroda

Pratham had gained a lot of weight owing to his busy schedule and his love for food. It was quite tough for him as he started feeling embarrassed about his own body. Due to his hectic schedule and it was not possible to dedicate time for regular workout. After his continuous efforts he was not able to reduce his weight, when his friend told him about Detox Care. Initially he was not too sure about the product and was hesitating to use it and then he took a counseling session with our expert and was ready to give it a try. Within 5 months he lost 28 kg and his waist size reduced by 5 inches, he now feels a lot more energetic and fit now.


“Detox Care is one of my best decisions of my life”
– Manisha Pandya, Housewife

Like every other housewife, Manisha takes care of everybody in the house but barely manages to get time for herself. Over the years it started affecting her fitness and before she could realize, she had gained a lot of unhealthy weight. Though she tried dieting and regular workouts but was not able to sustain as she could not overlook her daily chores.

At the beginning she was hesitant about using Detox Care but was curious and eager about trying it. In just one and a half months, she experienced a considerable difference as she lost 15 kg with a waist size reduced by 67 cm without any medicine, surgery or any side effects. Manisha is a fit and confident woman now and she considers Detox Care to be a life changing experience.