Skin Purification

Detox Care infrared cabins help restore skin to a youthful appearance.
Forego expensive cosmetic treatments that may have limited effects or questionable long-term safety. Instead, rejuvenate your skin while also receiving all of the other health benefits associated with Detox Care's infrared therapy.

A study published in The Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy showed significant improvements in skin appearance after just 12 weeks of infrared detox skin therapy using near-infrared technology. Participants experienced a reduction in wrinkles and crow's feet, as well as improved overall skin tone, including softness, smoothness, elasticity, clarity and firmness.

Far Infrared detox skin therapy works! Our customers have spoken:
“I have been using my Detox Care infrared sauna almost every day and I absolutely love it.I've noticed that my complexion is getting better. I've struggled with break-outs for as long as I can remember. Since using the infrared sauna my face is looking so much better. It has a healthy glow and the fine lines on my face seem to be lessened too. My husband has started using it frequently and now my teenage son. His complexion looks great; makes me wish we had a infrared sauna when I was a teen!
– Priya J., a satisfied customer

“As so many people reported, my Detox Care infrared usage has changed the character of my skin. It is much suppler without having to add moisturizers. After just two sessions a friend asked me what I been doing because my face looked so much smoother and younger. Delighted and will continue to use!
– Bhavini S., a satisfied customer

A regular sessions of Far infrared Detox Care results to well-toned, healthy, great-looking skin.

1 B.A. Russell, N. Kellett & L.R. Reilly. Study to Determine the Efficacy of Combination LED Light Therapy (633nm and 830 nm) in Facial Skin Rejuvenation. Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy, 2005; 7: pp 196-200.