Far Infra-Red therapy involves the use of Far Infra-Red rays to gently heal, soothe, stimulate and detox the body as well as the mind. The profuse sweating achieved after a few minutes in SolarSlimâ„¢ Detox carries off deeply embedded impurities, dead skin & toxins. This detoxification is known as the safest natural heat therapy for sweating & relaxation.

We are committed to develop innovating wellness products and services that empower you to improve your health, fitness and quality of life.

Maintain and improve the lifestyle of our customer by delivering the most effective and innovative wellness products. Do everything which makes each customer feel special, valued, and connected to SolarSlim for life. Continuous endeavor to make SolarSlim the obvious choice for all consumers and businesses.

About Company

We are a wellness expert in varied field, from dedicated wellness centers to wellness equipment manufacturing. We are committed to innovation in the field of wellness products and services that empowers you and improve your quality of life. SolarSlim is a modern fast growing wellness company based in Gujarat, India. With the core focus in innovation we are continuously engage in research and development of wellness products and services.

Research and Development
We continuously update ourselves to the latest technology trend in the world of wellness and we hand pick latest machines and equipment from all over the world. While doing this we have developed partnership with leading equipment manufacturer of the world. The products we specialize in are of high quality slimming, laser & beauty equipment's. We follow international standard and guidelines for our products we manufacture and import.

Safe to use
Our beauty machines, which are highly effective, safe, and easy to use, have countless applications, from wrinkle & Dark circles removal, face lifting, face tightening, skin tightening, weight reduction, blood circulation and skin rejuvenation, to acne scar treatment, laser tattoo removal, laser Hair Removal and more. Due to our consistently high quality and affordable prices, our beauty equipments are well known worldwide and are tried and tested by the people of various countries such as USA, Russia, Europe, Korea, Japan, etc.

Our Promice
SolarSlimâ„¢ promotes natural body healing which leads to a happier life and healthier lifestyle for you and those around you. When you buy our products it comes with promise that the product has been manufactured with outmost care and assures best of quality and is completely safe. SolarSlimâ„¢ require almost no maintenance, it is designed for a lasting use. Request a brochure or read more information about the FAR infrared technology.